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Clans & Societies

Clan, families and the Societies that represent them and related Celtic-inspired area of American life all contribute to the story of who we are today. All that American Celtic Festivals are, are derived from the activities and traditions of the foundation of Seven Celtic Nations – the family unit.

Clans, extended family feudal organizations from the Scottish Highlands, and families from Ireland, Wales, and the Scottish Lowlands are the basis for traditions of Country Dance, Bagpiping, First Footing, and seasonal celebrations such as Samhain (aka Halloween).

Clan and family competitions sparked the formation of Highland Games themselves. Today Scottish, Irish, and Welsh and other Celtic Societies provide venues for education, socializing and keeping alive both old and evolving traditions from their Celtic roots. More specific groups, such as the Scottish American Military Society (SAMS), Country Dance groups, Highland Athletic Clubs, pipe bands, cloth production, sheep herding, and Hibernian societies focus on specialized activities and skills that hone skills and foster education on the history, development and practice of Celtic culture in America.

Clan & Society registration is now open. Visit the registration site to complete your clan or society's registration for the Festival.

$25 = 10' x 10' space, two FREE 2-day gate passes, and website listing with link (if you have a website).
$50 = 10' x 20' space, four FREE 2-day gate passes, and website listing with link (if you have a website).
Other orientations are available - let's talk!
No tent, chair, or table rentals are available.

Clans include:

  • Clan Buchanan
  • Clan Cameron
  • Clan Douglas
  • Clan Fraser
  • Clan Gunn
  • Clan Lamont
  • Clan MacNichol
  • Clan McKenzie
  • Albuquerque Folk Festival
  • Albuquerque Masons
  • Ancient order of Hibernians
  • Clan Henderson Society
  • Enchantment Scottish Country Dancers
  • Irish-American Society of NM
  • NM Chapter of the International Western Music Association
  • Scandinavian Club of Albuquerque
  • St. Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico
  • The Albuquerque Genealogical Society

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